We are super excited to welcome you to The BoHome Company. We’re a brand-new online company bringing you beautiful home accessories and super exciting gifts for you, your home, your friends and your family.

What we’re about

Every journey begins and finishes at home. Home is your heart, it’s where you make memories and we want to be a part of that. We want to fill your home with beautiful accessories and key pieces and spread that joy onto your friends and family with loving gifts.

With our mind very much on our homes and family, this is what inspires us and our collection. We look for those little pieces that will really bring a special touch to our customer’s homes.

Our BoHome

Home is central to everything. This is what we are all about, The BoHome Company aims to grow with you and your home, we hand pick our entire selection, it’s bespoke, it’s unique, just like you. Our aim to flourish your home with more love and beauty.

Our collection is split between our home décor accessories, children’s décor, gifts and stationary and we think you will love it as much we do.

Our Customers are BoHome

The BoHome Company is about us and our customers, we want to be a part of your home and we want you to join in on our journey. Which is why we are all over Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, it’s the best way for us to connect with you, share your stories and our accessories in your homes.

We care about the environment

We are under no illusion about our environment and it is our belief that as a company, we too have a responsibility to do our bit, with that in mind we will always try to minimise packaging where we can. We'll also try to ensure that our packaging is either recyclable or decompostable. Where we can, we will also re-use packaging from our wholesalers because waste needs to be kept to a minimum.

On occasion we have no option but we’ll do our bit to help our environment and be as green as we can.

Our BoHome Lifestyle – blog

We also will be regularly updating our BoHome Life blog, which will contain our favourite picks for the season and we have a few tips and ideas for your home, so keep a look out! You can click here to go our blog.